Reclaiming your domestic diva-ness

By Adrienne

It’s been a long time...too long since I posted.

But here’s why.

I’ve been working on something big. Really big.

Something I think is going to help change lives. It’s a brand new project called Domestic Diva and I’ve been oh-so-blessed to be able to partner with someone who follows the wise woman healer path. Her name is Sherry Rothwell and she’s a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has been connecting women with wisdom about their bodies, birth and health in a really gifted, unique way.

Me and Ms. Rothwell after a 'Cultured Kitchen' taping...

We were both sharing our work and our own excitement about the power of REAL foods when our paths crossed about a year ago. We’re both mommas and we’re both really passionate about what we’re doing and what it offers the community. YOU are our community and we thought we could offer you MORE as a team than we could separately.

And that’s how Domestic Diva (.ca) came to be.

Now HOLD ON! Just because you see the word DOMESTIC, don’t go thinkin’ I am going all subservient housewife on you.

Uh uh.

Domestic Diva is all about reclaiming domestic arts and traditional wisdom.

In a powerful way.

Think matriarchal. Think feminine divine. Think Red Tent.

Yup. It’s time to reclaim it. Live it. Breath it and support one another on our transformative journey through girl, women and motherhood.

The first, most practical way we want to pass on that gift to you is to reclaim skills like culturing foods. That’s a gift that transformed my health and can for you too.

But there are so many other ways we hope to build community with you too. We looked at what we can share that has been transformative on our own journeys. Health built on a foundation of nourishing and traditional foods. Rhythyms that help managing your home feel GOOD not draining.

On a practical level that looks like:

So come on over. Take a look. Browse. Enjoy the free gifts. There’s much more to come…

“Can you imagine a world in which the expression of feminine creativity, nurturing and visioning was an honoured, cherished and upheld contribution to society? A world where the invisible work of women was valued because we acknowledged its impact on the future of humanity at large? A world where the choice to nurture a family, a creative project or a cause is considered equally valuable and more than enough. A world where a woman just being her self is enough…” ~Domestic Diva~

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